So instead, they group together with their coolers of water and welcome all who want to have fun tailgating sober. Check your local area for these types of sober tailgating communities such as Recovery First Tailgaters, started at LSU. Someone has to get everyone to the stadium and back home safely. It’s an important role and everyone will greatly appreciate it.

Any drink that’s in an opaque cup or bottle, or which is a dark color, will hide the shot that’s been spit into it. Then you just have to get rid of the contaminated drink. Sometimes these white lies succeed, the person leaves you alone, and you can continue not drinking being sober around drinkers and hope they don’t notice for the rest of the night. They may not believe your excuse, or insist you have a drink anyway. Be self-assured, but in a casual, friendly way, like your not drinking isn’t a big deal at all, and you’re pushing their question aside.

Remind Yourself of Why You’re Sober

Instead, make it clear that you’re only staying until the end of the game. Let the host know you have prior commitments or that you have to be up early the next day. Claim your own cup by writing your name on it and keep it with you at all times. This not only helps you feel that you fit in, but it can help to intercept people when they try to offer you a drink. Keep the cup with you as often as you can so you’re not caught empty-handed and vulnerable. If you don’t have any sober-specific tailgate parties in your community, try starting one with people in your recovery meetings or from your area who are looking for something similar.

staying sober around drinkers

A therapist can support your efforts and help you find the strategies that work best for you, your health, and your life. You don’t have to discuss your sobriety with other party-goers when they ask why you aren’t drinking.

Why “Am I an Alcoholic?” Is the Wrong Question

Recovery is about much more than living a drug or alcohol-free life. Addiction recovery is about learning how to live life on life’s terms. You can find many pathways to a healthy and happy life. Sobriety is just one part of living a happy life in recovery.

Generally, when I’m in a room full of drinkers and I say I don’t drink, I’m met with surprised eyes and confused faces. Not only is it important to develop a routine that works for you, it’s also important to find ways to cope if you get thrown off your schedule.

Prepare for triggers, and avoid them.

Dehydration can cause fatigue and a lack of mental focus, both of which can make you vulnerable to making regrettable decisions. Here are some general tips to follow for any kind of sporting event you’re attending sober. These tips are helpful to anyone feeling vulnerable to alcohol temptations. Nevertheless, just because you’re sober doesn’t mean you have to pass on tickets to the big game or the invite to your buddy’s house party. Moreover, it certainly doesn’t mean you need to give up the pregame festivities of parking lot tailgate parties. However, these events often center heavily on buying and consuming alcohol, especially beer and cocktails.

How Dry January’s continued presence reflects society’s evolving — and divisive — relationship with alcohol – CNN

How Dry January’s continued presence reflects society’s evolving — and divisive — relationship with alcohol.

Posted: Wed, 19 Jan 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

It’s common to have a difficult time when making big changes, but good self-care practices can help you manage overwhelming feelings and take care of your mind and body. Instead of going to your usual restaurant for dinner and drinks, why not try a new place that doesn’t serve alcohol? You’ll get to experience something out of the ordinary without feeling tempted to drink. Consider cultivating friendship and romance with people who don’t prioritize drinking as an important part of their lives.

Cigna Can Help

Once you arm yourself with some strategies to fend off even the most persuasive drinking friends, you may have come to a point where you’re wondering how to meet sober friends. Should you pick up a different hobby or change your attitude? Sometimes it’s just about looking in the right places. Several cities around the world are picking up on people’s need to engage in alcohol-free activities and find a community with like-minded individuals.

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